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10 Hot Tub Tips to Stay Safe and Have Fun in the Winter


10 Hot Tub Tips to Stay Safe and Have Fun in the Winter

There’s nothing quite like breaking up the dreariness of a cold winter with a warm, bubbly soak in the hot tub. To get the most out of your hot tub this winter, follow these 10 hot tub tips to stay safe, have fun, and keep your tub in top condition.

Cover up your hot tub

A good hot tub cover has a tight-fitting seal that will keep your tub insulated against the cold so it can maintain a constant high temperature. Cover it up after every use in the winter.

Check the water level frequently

If the water gets too low, parts of the hot tub can freeze and damage the system. So check regularly and refill when necessary.

Watch the weather

There are few things more magical than sitting in your warm hot tub while a light snow falls around you. But watch the weather reports and avoid sitting out in a storm where conditions can be dangerous. You might even keep a few umbrellas near the hot tub to protect yourself from unexpected rain or snow.

Use a bathrobe

Cold weather can be painful, even dangerous when you’re wet and wearing only a swimming suit. Wear a warm bathrobe and shoes out to the tub, and leave your robe within arm’s reach. When your done soaking, grab the bathrobe, wrap up, and get inside as soon as possible.

Get a towel warmer

Installing a towel warmer near your hot tub will make wintertime dips feel even more relaxing and luxurious. Warm towels will also help you warm up faster in the cold air.

Stay hydrated

To combat the cold, sip warm or room-temperature drinks to keep hydrated.

Keep the water clean

Clean out the water and filters of your hot tub regularly to prevent any problems, which can be more difficult to fix in the winter.

Turn off the air jets

Air jets lower the temperature of your hot tub water. To keep the temperature up while conserving energy, turn off the jets when you aren’t using the tub, and use them less than you normally would when using the hot tub.

Limit your time

Going between extreme temperatures is difficult on the body, so take infrequent soaks, and don’t linger longer than 20 or 30 minutes.

Wear a hat

Keeping your head warm while sitting out in the cold will help your body regulate its temperature.

To keep yourself safe and your hot tub in good condition follow these hot tub tips. If you’re interested in more than relaxation this winter, you might consider a swim spa in addition to your hot tub. For more information on hot tubs and building a luxurious backyard, contact us today!