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New Year’s Resolution Exercises to Do in the Pool

When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions, you can feel excited about accomplishing long-standing goals. On the other hand, it can also feel a bit mundane if you’ve been setting the same goals for who knows how many years. To keep things fresh and to help you stay excited about your goals, trying something […]

Common Signs of a Leaky Pool and What You Should Do About It

If your pool is leaking, it’s better to know sooner rather than later—and before the issue gets out of hand. There are many signs that your pool might be leaking, and some are things you might simply write off or miss. Knowing how to find a leak and how to prevent leaks altogether will save […]

What to Do With Your Hot Tub in the Summer

  What Can You Do with Your Hot Tub in the Summer? Many people aren’t aware that you can use your hot tub in the summer to cool off and relax on a warm summer day. As the experts in spas and hot tubs, we know just what to do with your hot tub in […]

What Causes Foam in a Hot Tub & How to Get Rid of It!

Many of us enjoy a relaxing bubble bath after a stressful day at work. However, when a bubble bath suddenly appears in your hot tub, it can be cause for concern. You may wonder: why does my hot tub foam? There are many different potential culprits to foam in a hot tub, including: However, the […]

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas to Liven Up Your Yard

A quickly-placed hot tub with no idea towards landscaping or design can stick out like a sore thumb. With a bit of attention to detail, it’s possible to give your hot tub a place to belong without taking away from the rest of your outdoor space.  Here are a few hot tub landscaping ideas.   Add […]

10 Great Pool Exercises to Improve Your Health

Pools are great for relaxing and playing, but spending time in the pool can also help you maintain your health. Check out these 10 great pool exercises that can help you reach your health goals.  Walking Instead of swimming in the pool, try walking or jogging next time you’re in the water. Running or walking […]

Best of United Aqua Group 2021 Awards of Distinction

BEST OF UAG: RETAIL AND SERVICE 2021 Pool Service Truck Award Residential Concrete 2021 Lizotte, Tacoma, WA Location Award
New Year at Home

New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

With the start of a new year, new home projects are likely calling to you, begging to be added to your list of goals for the coming months. If you are looking for ways to cut spending, get healthier, and have more fun at home, then a list of New Year’s home resolutions may be […]

Fireplace Cleaning and Why It’s Necessary

It goes without saying how wonderful a fireplace can be in your home. Not only can it bring a cozy, modern aesthetic to your living space, it also can make for a peaceful bonding experience with loved ones as you cuddle up in cold Washington winter months.  With how much a well-constructed fireplace can bring […]

How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

Adding a fireplace insert to your home is a great way to add resale value, as well as increase the coziness factor during colder months. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up with someone special by the flickering flames, or keep warm while saving on your heating bill. Whatever the reason or the […]
Wood Stove

Cozy Up This Winter By Installing a Wood Stove Insert

Whether you already love winter or are looking for reasons to embrace the change of seasons, a wood stove insert can enhance your everyday life. Wood stove inserts are affordable, convenient alternatives to building a new fireplace, allowing all the same comfort with less hassle. Inserts are usually more eco-friendly than traditional fireplaces, too, so […]
Swimming Pool

Find the Best Outdoor Swimming Pool Builders

There’s nothing quite like a swimming pool to turn your backyard into an oasis where friends and family gather for fun in the sun. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch some rays, get some exercise, or host the best parties in the neighborhood, installing an outdoor swimming pool is a great choice. And […]
Above-Ground Hot Tub

Benefits of an Above-Ground Hot Tub

Dreaming of owning a hot tub? Though you may think it’s out of your budget or not in the cards while living in a rental, an above-ground hot tub can give you all the perks of an in-ground hot tub while suiting your current lifestyle. Above-ground hot tubs are affordable, offer more flexibility, and are […]
Hot Tub Accessories

Have a Blast with These 12 Fun Hot Tub Accessories

Your hot tub is already your favorite place to unwind and make memories with friends and family. But would you believe your hot tub experience could get even better? Fun hot tub accessories can add extra excitement and make you and your guests more comfortable every time you take a relaxing soak. Check out our […]
Stove Burners

How to Clean Stove Burners

Every home can benefit from the ambiance and warmth of a beautiful stove. However, high-quality stoves require regular maintenance to keep them running and looking beautiful. So check out our guide below to learn how to clean stove burners. If your stove is past repair, take a look at Aqua Rec’s high quality selection of […]
The Advantages of Clearwater Hot Tubs in Washington

The Advantages of Clearwater Hot Tubs in Washington

Whether you’re looking for a way to relax at the end of the workday, enjoy a romantic setting with the one you love, or get relief from back pain and sore muscles, you can find it all in a high-quality hot tub or spa from Clearwater. Spending time in a hot tub doesn’t just feel […]
How to Solve Eye Burning After Swimming

How to Solve Eye Burning After Swimming

It is not uncommon for people to experience eye-burning after swimming. You may have also noticed redness in your eyes or even itchiness. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent your eyes from burning after pool parties and lap swimming, as well as things you can do afterward to help relieve symptoms. Learn more below […]
What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

Calculating a solution to the question “What temperature should a hot tub be?” might be easier than you think. There are no advanced math skills required, just a few quick items to consider, such as whether there will be children in the water. A safe spa temperature may vary slightly based on user age or […]
Summer Just Got Better with a Freestanding BBQ Grill

Summer Just Got Better with a Freestanding BBQ Grill

Summertime is full of hiking, swimming, baseball, and being outside. This summer you can add one of our freestanding BBQ grills to your list of things to get. With a new BBQ grill, you will be ready for parties, neighborhood gatherings, and family time. End each summer day with a hot cooked meal from your […]
Inground Swimming Pools for a Memorable Summer

Inground Swimming Pools for a Memorable Summer

As humans, we crave the sun and our body needs vitamin D to function properly. It’s no wonder that since childhood, most of us have looked toward summer with anticipation. Believe it or not, you can add even more excitement to your summer by installing an inground pool. There is no need for an extravagant […]