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How to Clean your BBQ Gas Grill


How to Clean your BBQ Gas Grill

From juicy tri-tip steaks to perfect grill-marked kebabs, there’s nothing like a BBQ to create an outstanding meal. But the BBQ does require maintenance, whether you use it daily or only every few months. You never know when the hankering will hit for a good burger. Here’s a handy guide from Aqua Rec’s Fireside Hearth N’ Home to get started cleaning your BBQ today.

Gather the right equipment

If you use the wrong products to clean your grill, you could end up damaging it long term. Since BBQs can be a pricey investment, we’re sure you don’t want to have that happen. A few of the easiest, safest products to use on your grill include a long-handled wire brush, dish soap, water, and a bucket. You may also want to pick up stainless steel cleaner to shine the exterior of your grill.

Disconnect parts

Before you start cleaning, you certainly want to take apart some of the pieces for safety and ease of cleaning. Disconnect the propane and remove the grates from the BBQ. Make sure the dials are all turned off as well. Then fill a bucket with water and a small amount of dish soap. Put your grates in the bucket to soak for at least 30 minutes.

Start scrubbing

Now is the time to put your elbow grease to use. Take the long-handled wire brush and scrub down the interior of the grill, including the hood. Clean the walls and floor of the BBQ as well. You may want to use a padded scrubber for this job.

Vacuum for a final clean

A handheld vacuum or other powerful outdoor vacuum will come in handy for finishing up any of the cleaning you may have missed while scrubbing the BBQ down.

Scrub and wipe the grates

Now that the grates have soaked, give them a good scrub with the wire brush, wipe them down with a cloth, and replace them in the BBQ.

Give it a final shine

If you have stainless steel cleaner on hand, use it to give the BBQ it’s best gleam. You can also use the pray to wipe some of the interior. Let it soak for a few minutes before wiping off.

If you’re looking to completely replace your BBQ or enhance your yard in any way, AquaRec has you covered. Learn more about our BBQs and contact us with any questions here.