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Enjoy Relaxing Summertime Fires with Fireplaces in Tacoma, WA


Enjoy Relaxing Summertime Fires with Fireplaces in Tacoma, WA

In general, Tacoma, WA does not see extremes in weather patterns in temperature. Mostly warm, and a little chilly in the winter, it is an ideal place for enjoying a fireplace all year long. When it is in the low 50s on a summer evening, there is nothing better than sitting in front of a calming fire with family, friends, and great conversation.

Wood Fireplace for Tacoma, WA?

A wood-burning fireplace is usually less expensive to use, particularly if you have access to a free wood supply. You also get the crackles and pops and glorious smell of a nice wood fire, and of course the wood as fuel is renewable. The downside is that they burn dirtier, and require more maintenance. There’s also the fact that you and your clothes will smell like a campfire everytime you use it.

Gas Fireplace for Tacoma, WA?

Gas fireplaces have made enjoying a quiet fire in your home more accessible to everyone. The advantages of a gas fireplace are:

  • Easy to start
  • Clean burning
  • Constant and consistent heat
  • No chopping, hauling, and stacking wood
  • No sparks

A gas fireplace is great for the summer months, because it is much easier to set the flame low and regulate the heat than it is with a wood fireplace.

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