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What to Expect When Installing a Swimming Pool


What to Expect When Installing a Swimming Pool

Installing a new swimming pool is exciting, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect. We have prepared this basic overview of each step of the process so you can be prepared and have a smooth swimming pool installation.


The first step of swimming pool installation is excavation. At the beginning of the excavation phase, your pool builder will obtain the necessary permits, create an access way to the pool area, and check for underground pipes and wires related to utilities. Builders who fail to do this will create major problems, which is why you should always contract with a trusted builder like Aqua Rec’s. After permitting, the heavy machinery is brought in to dig the hole. While it is the most disruptive part of building a pool, a well-done excavation should not be too messy. However, you should expect that your builders will take up a fair amount of space and create some noise during the daytime.


Framing is the next step. This is where you will see the physical structure of the pool start to take shape. A metal structure is put around the edges of the pool and the bottom of the pool is shaped and smoothed. In addition, the plumbing and piping of the pool are installed during this phase of construction. During this process, it is important to visually check and make sure that your pool is meeting the specifications you are looking for. Once plumbing and piping are installed and the bottom of the pool has been put in place, it can be very difficult and expensive to change.


Finishing is the final step of installing a pool. It starts when the finish of the bottom of the pool, which will be either vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete, is applied. Afterwards, your builders will add coping, decking, and any other decorative finishes to your pool area. While this part of the process is less construction-intensive than the others, it is crucial to building an attractive look and feel for your pool, especially if you are building a custom pool and hoping to make it stand out.

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