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Inground Pools

Inground Pools

After a long day, nothing is more relaxing than indulging in a blissful, refreshing dip in a backyard inground pool in Washington. These luxurious yet surprisingly affordable inground swimming pools let you escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and bask in the natural beauty of your own backyard with family and friends.

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are a type of swimming pool composed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. These pre-built pools are delivered to a home and installed in an excavated site, reducing pool costs—since they’re not built from concrete from the ground up. In addition, because these inground pools are created as a single piece, they have no seams or joints, allowing owners to enjoy smooth, even surfaces. 

Why Choose Fiberglass?

Is a fiberglass pool the best option for you and your family? Choosing fiberglass for your inground swimming pool has many benefits. Not only do these pools provide you with your own private oasis, but you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Greater Affordability: Fiberglass inground pools require far fewer upkeep expenses and are more durable than many other types of pools, helping you save more throughout the pool’s lifetime. Plus, here at Aqua Rec’s, we offer you some great financing options!
  • Reduced Installation Times: Our fiberglass pools are created off-site, so installing it in your backyard takes considerably less time. Contact Aqua Rec’s for the exact timeline of your inground pool project.
  • Easier to Maintain: These pools are also very easy to maintain. Cleaning is quicker and fewer chemicals are used, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool with your friends and family.
  • Customizable Design Options: Did you know you can design a fiberglass pool to match your family’s needs and your yard’s aesthetics? Enjoy limitless options, including the ability to choose a specific shape of pool and add-on, like non-slip stairs or extra rails.

So don’t just dream about adding a pool to your backyard. Get ready to take the plunge—metaphorically and literally—into your dream inground swimming pool. 

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