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Helping Our Dealers & Homeowners

Our company is focused on aiding the growth of our dealers and boosting the backyard experience for our homeowners. We accomplish our goals through the use of good old-fashioned hard work and the highest quality materials available.

We have dedicated our professional lives to the design and construction of the highest quality swimming pools in the industry to date. San Juan craftsmen assemble each fiberglass pool with meticulous attention to every detail using the best material available. Take a closer look at technological advancements in fiberglass.

Advances in Technology

Our fiberglass swimming pools are structurally sound because they are based on the same techniques used to construct boat hulls. We were the first company to apply the then-new technology of fiberglass to a full body swimming pool using techniques adapted from boat hull construction. That pool is still in excellent condition to this day, and people still swim in it every summer.

Setting The Standards in The Industry

We firmly believe that our sincere commitment to excellence defies the competition, and we shall continue to do so in the future.

In the past Sixty + years, San Juan has attained a position of prominence in the swimming pool industry.

The FIRST to probe the gainful attributes of new technologies,

The FIRST to introduce advanced installation procedures,

Additionally, we were the FIRST in continued research and development in fiberglass.

And we were the FIRST to explore the advantage of in-house training.

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