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Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations

One of the most enjoyable additions to any home is a great swimming pool. You can enjoy many hours in and around the water in the privacy of your own backyard. If your pool is getting on in years, though, it might be time for a swimming pool renovation.

No matter what type of pool modifications you want, there are many good reasons for getting a swimming pool renovation. Your pool might be damaged or outdated and in need of work, or you might just want to add some custom features. You may just need some regular pool maintenance. No matter the reason, Aqua Rec’s can help make it happen.

Inground Pool Renovation Ideas

Maintaining your inground pool is vital for its longevity. You need to make sure the chemicals are checked and adjusted each week during the swimming season. The filters also need regular cleaning and care. A professional service can save you hours of maintenance work and expense on equipment.

When it comes to renovating your inground pool, there are many options, including restoration or replacement of pumps and pipes to larger design modifications. Some inground pool renovation ideas include:

  • Adding tile mosaics
  • Building water features onto your pool area
  • Enlarging or changing the shape of your pool
  • Enhancing the area around your pool

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