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Spa Accessories

Spa Accessories

It’s a great time to be a spa or swim spa owner. In today’s world, your spa can be exactly what you want it to be for you and your guests through customization and feature options.  

There’s nothing like a great outdoor space for entertaining guests and making lasting memories with your family and friends. And summer will be here before we know it, making it a great time to prepare your yard for warmer weather.

While you refresh your landscaping and add outdoor furniture, you may be in the market for a brand new hot tub or spa. Or, if you already own one, you can elevate the space by adding hot tub assorted accessories in you Washington home to bring further enjoyment and convenience to your hot tub setting.

At Aqua Rec’s, we know every customer is looking for ways to enhance their spa experience, so we offer spa and swim spa accessories in Washington to make for a more convenient, relaxing, and safe time in your spa.

Our Spa Accessories 

No one likes it when their hosts spend the entire evening running around accommodating guests. The best hosts can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Aqua Rec’s has spa accessories in Washington that allow any host to feel more at ease since we make your job a whole lot easier.


With an automated cover, all you have to do is grab a towel, turn a key, and step right in. Gone are the days of struggling to remove a heavy, awkward hot tub cover in te eth-chattering temperatures. No longer will you worry about neighbor kids sneaking in for a soak while you’re away. And you can forget about the old torn and sun-faded cover that disrupts the image of luxury and relaxation. Traditional covers are a pain of the past; It’s time to hot tub better with our covers!

Cover Lifts

No spa or hot tub setup should be without a hot tub cover or hot tub cover lift. These features will preserve the sanitation and quality of your hot tub for years to come. A hot tub cover lift will make it even easier to remove the cover so you can get to enjoying your hot tub.

  • Style and color variety: We know looks are important, so we offer a variety of hot tub cover lifts in Washington to fit the look and feel of your space. Choose the color to match your hot tub, then pick from sleek and modern or more traditional styles to complete the accessory.
  • Match your price point: No matter what your budget is, we have a spa cover lift to work for you. We never sacrifice quality and have covers in a range of prices.
  • Convenient accessories: Along with your hot tub cover lift, you’ll want a place to store and preserve your product. For this reason, we offer cover catches and cover shelves that will give you a place to put your cover when it is off the hot tub.

If you’re looking for a hot tub cover lift, don’t hesitate to call Aqua Rec’s. We’re happy to answer your questions and work with you to find the right product.

Spa Steps

We know hot tubs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, which is why we carry several options in multiple colors when it comes to hot tub steps in Washington. Our steps fit the needs of any hot tub and will fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of your space. 

  • Non-slip surface: All of our steps come with a rubber non-slip surface to increase the safety of stepping in and out of the spa. Enjoy the wide tread and high weight capacity of most of our step styles.
  • Accessories: Add solar lighting and drawers to enhance your steps even further. Drawers make a great place to store goggles, spa chemicals, and other items you need to keep at hand.
  • Customizations: Whether you have a round or square spa, we have the steps that will work for your setup. Customize your steps to work with the height and style of your hot tub.


Made with the finest materials and processes for long-lasting performance, all Leisure Concepts products are manufactured in Spokane, WA USA. We remain fully committed to providing you with the highest quality products. The owners and employees of Leisure Concepts feel it’s extremely important to help give worldwide green efforts a lift by being environmentally sensitive any way possible. We do our part by reusing plastic waste bi-products and using only green-friendly liquids during production.

Assorted Accessories

The best hot tubs and spas have all the features your guests won’t have even realized they needed. Spa caddies, the Smart Bar, and a towel bar are just a few genius features to make life easier for anyone using the pool. As a hot tub owner, you’ll be relieved to have a spa cover and spa cover lift to keep your hot tub water clean and sanitary for use.