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Summer Just Got Better with a Freestanding BBQ Grill


Summer Just Got Better with a Freestanding BBQ Grill

Summertime is full of hiking, swimming, baseball, and being outside. This summer you can add one of our freestanding BBQ grills to your list of things to get. With a new BBQ grill, you will be ready for parties, neighborhood gatherings, and family time. End each summer day with a hot cooked meal from your new BBQ grill. Imagine the different ways a BBQ could add to your everyday activities. 

A BBQ could be the addition you need to become the new hot spot in the neighborhood. At Aqua Rec’s, you can select the best BBQ grill tailored to your eating and hosting desires. If you enjoy fishing or hunting, a Traeger with wood pellets may be exactly what you are looking for. However, if you prefer a gas base grill? We have those too! Kick-off your summer days by contacting us today and adding a freestanding grill to your backyard. You can find Aqua Rec’s locations through the west side of Washington state. 

Summer Holidays 

When you think of Memorial Day, what memories come to your mind? Most likely spending time with family and chatting while eating hamburgers and hotdogs. Continue your family traditions with a BBQ grill. We all know it wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without fireworks and BBQ. Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming summer holidays by browsing through freestanding BBQ grill selections

Health Benefits of Barbecuing 

Use a freestanding BBQ grill as a way to promote healthy eating. When barbecuing, people tend to use less butter than when cooking indoors and the fat from meat drips off into the grill. Not only do vegetables taste better grilled but they are also better for you, and grilling is a way to cook vegetables without losing their nutrition. Plus, any time you are outside, your body is benefitting from it. 

Grill Local Washington Foods

Washington is abundant in produce. Throughout the state, you can find orchards and farmers’ markets selling the local harvests. Add to the rich flavors of locally grown produce with a BBQ grill this summer. 

  • Fresh meat and fish: There are many different places to hunt and fish around Washington, like Grant County or Lowland Lakes
  • Asparagus: A popular roasting vegetable harvested from April to June
  • Broccoli: Another summer favorite. Keep the long stems on and begin grilling. You can find broccoli from June to September. 
  • Carrots: Carrots are picked anywhere from June to January. Mix up your carrot game with a balsamic vinegar recipe
  • Onions: Onions are grilling standards, from skewers to hamburgers. Of course, you can find onions year-round in the store but local ones are sold from June to October. 
  • Zucchini: From zucchini noodles to bread, another way to cook this popular vegetable is on the grill. Add zucchini spears to your menu from June to October. 

Choose the ideal grill for your backyard today and get excited to add grilling to your activities and spice up your meal rotation list.