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Let Stefanie B Speak For Us!

Several years ago, I had a terrible experience at the Tacoma location w/employees who are no longer w/the company. However, time has past and it's only fair to clean up my review when things were rectified and amazing customer services was provided. I reached out to Kyle who was very supportive. He quickly connected me to Cory, an appointment was scheduled and Cory came out. Cory went above and beyond. (Still impressed at how fast he works yet so efficient). I paid for the new part that was needed and thought it would take forever to get it (due to past experience). I will admit that I was completely wrong! Cory called me first thing the next morning and said there was an opening that day to get the part installed earlier than expected. Niko came out and right off the bat I could see that the entire wrap around service had changed. Niko took his shoes off and was very knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated the shoes off but said you can definintely wear your shoes, especially when trying to work! He went above and beyond and even touched up areas that were noticeably needing a touch up because they all knew I was in the process of selling my house and moving out of state. The entire experience, by far, bypassed my expectations. This deserves a long positive review due to the outstanding customer support that I received during a stressful time of trying to move. If you had a bad experience in the past, I would HIGHLY recommend giving them another chance. I almost didn't but I'm so thankful that I did 🙂

Stefanie B