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What Are Covana Hot Tub Covers?


What Are Covana Hot Tub Covers?

How many times have you sat in the house on a winter’s night, staring out the window, looking longingly at your hot tub, only to decide that it’s just not worth going out in the cold and struggling with that nasty old cover? Well, stare longingly no more, because with Covana Hot Tub Covers from Aqua Air Fireside Hearth N Home, with the twist of a key you will be enjoying the warmth and relaxation of your hot tub in just seconds.

Why Covana Hot Tub Covers?

Covana Hot Tub Covers are the ultimate in safety, security, and ease of use. These covers are fully automated, so with the turn of the key the cover lifts. The use of the key also keeps out unwanted guests and enhances the safety of the hot tub. The material used for the covers is longer lasting, as opposed to conventional covers that only last about three years.

Which Is the Right Cover For Me?

Aqua Air Fireside Hearth N Home has three Covana Hot Tub Covers available:

  1. The Evolution - This cover has the simplest design which makes it the most versatile.  It can fit a square, rectangular or round hot tub.
  2. The Legend - This Covana cover can fit an oval or rectangular hot tub. The cover is highly insulated, so it keeps your electric usage in check.
  3. The Oasis - This is the epitome of luxury in a hot tub cover. Turn the key, the cover rises, and your hot tub is now covered by a gazebo. LED lights on the interior of the cover add a soft ambient light, and there is an optional solar-powered lighting system.  There are also optional shades that can be purchased for the sides for added privacy.

Get more use out of your hot tub and more peace of mind with a Covana Hot Tub Cover.  Contact us today for more information.