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Winter Maintenance for Outdoor Swimming Pools


Winter Maintenance for Outdoor Swimming Pools

When the colder months hit, many pool owners decide to close their pool and leave it unused through the winter. However, it is important to remember that, even in this scenario, there is winter pool maintenance that needs to be done. If neglected, you will have a lot more work ahead of you when springtime comes, not to mention potential damages. Use the tips below to master winter maintenance for pools and make sure you are ready to enjoy the sunshine in a few months.

Winter Maintenance for Pools

Fortunately, keeping up on your pool maintenance during the winter does not have to be a major event. The best way to keep your pool in great shape over the winter is to have a certified technician winterize it. This way, you won’t have to worry about whether you properly prepared all the plumbing and other equipment. Once it is winterized, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Check the Cover

When it rains, snows, or the wind blows, a swimming pool cover can sometimes become a victim of accidental assault. Remember to check it periodically, especially after a storm, to make sure there is no debris, standing water, or pileup of snow on top of the cover. Even if your cover is strong enough to resist punctures, it cannot hold the extra weight for long. It can come off of its track or become damaged if left unattended. You may want to invest in a pump or a more sturdy cover with a drainage system. 

Check the Water Level

If you notice the water level lowering, you may have a leak that needs investigating. Your water level should be high enough to avoid added strain on your cover, which can stretch it out or pull it off its track.

Check Equipment

Much of the equipment will be prepped by the technician, but you will want to periodically clean out your filter and check the heater, pumps, and any exposed plumbing. Make sure water is circulating, and nothing is freezing and expanding when the temperatures drop, or you will have damages to repair in the spring.

Chemical Storage

Another important part of winter maintenance for pools is making sure you have stored your chemicals correctly and safely. There should be instructions from the manufacturer that you can follow when storing. The exception would be partially used chemicals, which should be disposed of at a hazardous waste recycling center to avoid potential exposure to toxic fumes.

Balance Chemicals

You will also need to check the pool chemicals throughout the winter. Unbalanced chemicals can cause buildup or fail to kill algae and mold. Finding one of these problems in the spring would certainly be an unwelcome surprise. You can reduce the sanitizer levels a bit since people won’t be getting in the water.

Secure the Perimeter

Just because you won’t be using your pool all winter doesn’t mean you can let your guard down when it comes to keeping animals and small children away from the water. Make sure you have a way to lock down access and prevent potential drownings and other accidents. 

Label the Breaker

It is important that you shut off the breaker for your pool and that it stays off. Use clearly written labels to ensure it does not get switched on accidentally.

Winterize with Aqua Rec’s

Contact Aqua Rec’s for more information about winter maintenance for pools or to schedule a technician for winterization.