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Why You Need a Hot Tub Cover


Why You Need a Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is more than a simple spa accessory. Hot tub covers are an absolute necessity that can help keep your family safe and protect your hot tub. They can be quite expensive, but they’re worth the investment because they keep kids and pets safe, help maintain cleanliness, prevent damage to the inside and outside of the hot tub, and can greatly reduce energy costs.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Owning a pool or hot tub is a great responsibility. You should do everything you can to prevent accidents and keep others safe. A pool cover is vital because it can prevent small children or pets from falling into the hot tub and drowning. The ASTM International Certification on hot tub covers ensures that they reach all safety standards to keep kids and pets safe.

Maintain Cleanliness

Hot tub covers are also important because they keep debris, dust, and bacteria out of your hot tub. Pollutants can cause damage to your hot tub and make it more expensive to maintain. You can avoid damage by covering your hot tub and limiting the amount of pollutants in the water.

Prevent Damage

Next, hot tub covers prevent damage to the surface of your hot tub inside and out. During bad weather, including snow or wind, a cover protects the hot tub from harsh outdoor elements. By protecting your hot tub, a properly fitted cover can extend the life of your hot tub by years.

Save Energy and Money With A Hot Tub Cover

Lastly, a hot tub cover can save money and energy. A high-quality cover keeps the hot water insulated so it doesn’t cool down as much. By keeping the water at a more constant temperature, it takes less time to heat up and allows the heating system to work less. A great benefit to saving energy is that it also saves you money. Using a hot tub cover can sometimes cut the hot tub’s energy use in half.

There are a lot of benefits to using a hot tub cover. Keep your hot tub clean and protected, keep kids safe, and save energy and money by investing in a good quality cover. Contact us if you have questions, or check out our spas and hot tubs to see the high-quality products we carry.