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Custom Pools

Custom Pools

Build A Pool Unlike Any Other

Everyone has different preferences on many things - opinions on mint chocolate ice cream, soggy vs. crispy fries, beach or mountains - you name it! But there is no doubt that everyone deserves relaxation.

And speaking of relaxation, it's also a fact that no one can say you what you need or don’t need when it comes to a swimming pool. Nothing wrong with buying a pre-fabricated pool, but why not express your authentic self in this massive project that will last a lifetime? Get creative and customize your pool and spa to fit your needs and look like no one else’s.

Each backyard is unique; sometimes it is difficult to match the shape and feel of your background with a standard factory swimming pool. Instead, transform your backyard into an “experience” with a custom swimming pool instead of just another dead zone.

Why Choose Us As Your Pool Contractor?

Aqua Rec’s is the Puget Sound region’s number choice for swimming pools. We’re a second-generation, family-owned business with nearly forty years of industry experience. Our knowledge and experience aren’t the only reason we’ve become the industry leader for swimming pools in Washington. A big part of our success comes from our commitment to personalized customer service. 

As a pool contractor, Aqua Rec’s is dedicated to helping you find the best options to make your dreams come true while staying within your budget. Your satisfaction is important to us. No matter what product or service you need, we’ll strive to provide you with the best information, prices, products, and overall service possible.

Regardless of the type of swimming pool you select, whether new or renovation, you can count on Aqua Rec’s to provide the best brands in the industry.