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End of Winter Fireplace Cleaning Tips


End of Winter Fireplace Cleaning Tips

One of the best reasons to buy a gas fireplace is that it isn’t dirty like a wood-burning fireplace. You don’t have to worry about smoke, soot, wood chips, or any other pollutant. So it comes as a surprise to many that gas fireplaces actually require cleaning on a regular basis.

While it is true that gas fireplaces emit no smoke or soot, the glass on gas fireplaces fogs over eventually. This hazy buildup can affect the look of your fireplace and if not cleaned regularly, can result in lasting damage to the glass in your fireplace. Luckily, a simple end-of-winter fireplace cleaning will resolve this issue for you. There are only a few steps to follow to get your gas fireplace looking as good as new.

Be Safe

Always crack a window or two in order to ventilate the cleaning area. You will want to be cautious in your cleaning techniques and make sure to consult your owner’s manual before undertaking any cleaning. Some have very specific cleaning instructions. Avoid applying heavy pressure, using extremely abrasive cleaning tools, or scratching the glass surface too hard.

Use a Specialized Glass Cleaner

Luckily, there are many specialized glass cleaners that make it very simple to clean a gas fireplace. These specially formulated cleaning agents will remove fireplace buildup with ease while having a minimal effect on the glass surface of your fireplace. As you apply the glass cleaner, make sure to not use too much pressure. Even with a specially formulated glass cleaner, too much pressure can lead to scratches and even cracks if you really overdo it. These cleaners can be easily found online, or you can stop by the fireplace section of Aqua Rec in Puyallup to purchase a cleaner from us.

Additional Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the glass, you should also occasionally clean interior items such as logs and rocks. This can be done with a vacuum and wet rag. You should also dust your fireplace’s blower to make sure you don’t get a dangerous buildup of dust. Once you have done these additional steps, you will have a completely clean fireplace!

If you would like any assistance in dealing with your fireplace in Puyallup, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Aqua Rec. We are always happy to help.