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Fireplace Maintenance: What You Need To Know


Fireplace Maintenance: What You Need To Know
A fire burns in a fireplace, Fire to keep warm.

When it comes to keeping your fireplace in working order, fireplace maintenance and cleaning are essential. When a fireplace is regularly maintained, it can be used all year round. Nothing is worse than waking up on a cold morning to find that your fireplace is not in working order. Gas, electric, or wood; it doesn’t matter—all types of fireplaces require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Safety First

The most important thing to remember with fireplace maintenance and cleaning is that safety should come first. Whether you’re going to clean the glass or check the pilot light, you always need to make sure that the fireplace is cooled off completely. We also recommend not cleaning with children in the room, as an added safety precaution.

Regular Cleaning

There are a few things that need to be done regularly in the realm of cleaning when it comes to your fireplace.

  • Depending on the type of fireplace you own, you may need to clean the bottom out once every 3 - 6 months.
    • For a wood burning fireplace remember that fireplace coals are hot enough to burn you for up to three days after a fire is lit.
    • Keep this in mind when you clean out your wood burning fireplace during your regular maintenance.
  • Most fireplaces, whether wood-burning or gas, need to have the glass cleaned once a month while in active use.
    • Each fireplace is a different make or model, and you should receive a manual on cleaning the glass when you purchase the fireplace.
    • Follow the instructions carefully so you do not risk harming yourself or damaging the fireplace.

If you have questions about appropriate fireplace maintenance and cleaning, contact a fireplace expert in your area. We at Aqua Rec’s sell high quality fireplaces and are always available to answer any of your fireplace questions.