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Fitness and Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Pools


Fitness and Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Pools

Hot Tubs and pools are often seen only as great ways to have fun and to relax with your friends. However, there are a variety of health benefits that are associated with hot tubs and pools. For those who may be looking for additional reasons to purchase their own pool or hot tub, take a look at some of the health benefits listed below: 

Reduces Stress

Both swimming in a pool and relaxing in a hot tub have both proven to relieve stress. This is due to the weightlessness that you experience while you're in the water and the relaxing heat that soothes your body while you are relaxing in a hot tub. Too much stress can cause serious health problems, including depression, infertility, and even erectile dysfunction. If you suffer from the effects of stress, consider buying a pool or a hot tub to decrease your stress levels.

Eases Arthritis Pain

Much like the last health benefit, the weightlessness of the water in both the hot tub and the pool can help to relieve arthritis pain and increase your range of motion as well. The hot tub also battles arthritis pain because the jets in the tub and the heat of the water help to increase your blood circulation and relax your muscles. Both the hot tub and the swimming pool are great ways for those suffering from arthritis to get a good workout or to simply relax their joints when they may be feeling at their worst.

Improves the Quality of the Skin

The health benefits for the skin apply to all hot tubs but only apply to pools that contain saltwater. Hot tubs help to promote healthy skin through the same methods mentioned in the previous health benefits, through reducing stress and increasing the circulation in your body. Saltwater pools also help to promote healthy skin by helping the skin maintain its moisture and causing it to grow new cells. Those who are suffering from skin problems might want to consider purchasing a hot tub or a saltwater pool to prevent further future damage caused by stress or dry skin.

Improves Breathing and Lung Capacity

Swimming helps to relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma and can also improve the overall health of your lungs. This happens because, instead of breathing in dry air or pollen, you will be breathing in moist air when you're exercising in the pool. Swimming also helps to increase your lung capacity over time. Other benefits to your respiratory system include a decrease in snoring and having to breathe through your mouth.

Hot tubs can improve your overall breathing because of the steam that rises from the water. This steam will clear your airways when you breathe it in and will also eliminate the mucus and the inflammation throughout the air passages. Although hot tubs don't have the same benefits for your respiratory system, it is still useful if you have a cold or are having trouble breathing. It's even better to have both a pool and a hot tub in your yard to improve your respiratory system altogether.

No matter your reason for owning a hot tub or pool, there are a variety of health-related benefits tied to them that add to the other benefits of owning a pool or a hot tub. If you suffer from arthritis, asthma, or even just large amounts of stress, owning a pool or a hot tub might be a great investment, especially when it comes to your health.