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Hot Spas for Mental Health from Aqua Rec's


Hydrotherapy for Mental Relaxation

Hydrotherapy is good for the soul.  A hot spa works wonders for back pain, but have you ever considered the mental and emotional benefits you can get from hot, soothing water of a home spa system?  Emotional trauma is stored in the body at a muscular level and negative stored emotions can develop into areas of chronic tension and pain. When muscular tension is released, the emotions stored there are also released. Releasing this emotional tension helps improve posture and flexibility. Body language which communicates attitudes, fears and expectations is positively impacted with muscle relaxation and stress release.Relax in your hot tub at the end of a long day is good for mind and body.

What is the History of Spa Hydrotherapy?

Humans have been using hot water for hydrotherapy since the first person decided to slip in to the first hot spring before recorded history.  (How do we know – because that’s how great hot water is – it couldn’t be any other way!)  We’ve also been using piped in water for hydrotherapy for at least decades.  And from the early days of portable spas, mental health hydrotherapy has been a major benefit of regular spa use. Counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes use spas in their practices to help patients relax. Hydrotherapy for established medical practice mental health use was first documented in London at the beginning of the 20th Century, used in several institutions and asylums. Water was believed to be an effective treatment and was applied to the skin at varying temperatures to produce reactions throughout the body. The quick physiological reaction was a primary benefit of hydrotherapy treatment. Warm continuous baths were used to calm patients and treat insomnia, with treatment and water immersion times lasting from several hours to several days. Continuous baths were given to patients in quiet rooms with little light, and when available, audio stimulation was used to relax the patient and encourage sleep. Water temperatures typically ranged from 92°F to 97°F and showers functioned as jet sprays for stimulation. Hydrotherapy technology is much more advanced and readily available here in the 21st Century, but the basic functions are similar!

Hydrotherapy Massage In a Home Spa Tub

The hot water of a home spa naturally soothes muscle tension, and the massaging force of jet streamed water kneads away areas of tightness.Marquis makes wonderful spas for massage therapy. The Wish model for example allows for fully reclined relaxation with H.O.T. Zone shoulder and lumbar massage, plus wrist, leg and feet massage jets, encompassing your whole body with a powerful massage.

Marquis Jets are extremely well designed for hydrotherapy massage.

Soft lighting further adds to the relaxing atmosphere in your home spa room. Many of our hot tub spas come with interior spa lights with options for white or soothing colored lighting. Turn down the overhead lights and slip into the muted soothing light filtered through jetted water. Marquis’ Constellation™ colored light system creates a mesmerizing effect or choose their Aqua Ambiance™ and MoodMaker™ lighting for a calm glow. Dynasty Spas offer single tone or multi-color LED jewel lights. Indirect LED Lighting- New to the spa industry and patented by Viking Spas, offers the option of indirect lighting with virtually no glare as lights are hidden by various ridges and molded grab rails to provide a great degree of ambiance.A dimly lit room and muted sparkling water create a soothing atmosphere.

To further increase mental relaxation and stress relief, you can use aromatherapy oils with your spa.  Relaxing scents produce lower frequency brain waves and have anti-depressant properties.  Bergamot, Chamomile, Neroli, Petitgrain, Frankincense, Geranium, Rose, Sandalwood, Lavendar and Ylang Ylang are all soothing aromatherapy scents and can be used alone or in blends.  You can add them directly to your water, burn prepared aromatherapy candles or use an aromatherapy electric air freshener.

Lighting and Sound Systems in Hot Tubs

This Catalina model is only one of many which offer changing light colors and waterfalls.

Waterfalls add even more aesthetic appeal and an internal sound system makes for wonderful ambient music.  There are so many options available in the modern spa tub that it’s sometimes hard to choose which options will fit your family best.  AquaRec offers wet tests of our spas to help you decide.  Come in and look at our stock and if the unit you’re interested in isn’t filled, we’ll set an appointment with you.  We’ll get the tub hot and ready for you to try.