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Inground Swimming Pools for a Memorable Summer


inground swimming pools

As humans, we crave the sun and our body needs vitamin D to function properly. It’s no wonder that since childhood, most of us have looked toward summer with anticipation. Believe it or not, you can add even more excitement to your summer by installing an inground pool. There is no need for an extravagant vacation when you have a way to create endless memories in your own backyard.

Take a look through Aqua Rec’s pool selection today and look forward to the many perks of becoming an inground swimming pool owner.

5 Ways Inground Swimming Pools Can Boost Your Summer

If you need convincing, we can discuss benefits all day long. In fact, we’ll have you grabbing a shovel and rushing out to dig your own pool before we’re done—but don’t do that. It’s not safe. Call us instead.

1. Pools for Families

Entertaining kids during the summer can become the biggest headache. Get your kids away from the TV and outdoors with a swimming pool from Aqua Rec's. Don’t let your children become a victim of nature deficit disorder! Instead, get them playing safely outside in your own backyard. Invite a few of their friends over, add a couple of sand buckets and toys, and your kids can be entertained for hours. Plus, with them spending more time outside, that leaves the house cleaner and you happier. For those with active children, we suggest our very durable fiberglass pools.

2. Pools as Entertainment

From birthday parties to a company celebration, an inground pool creates an environment perfect for entertaining guests. If you strive to be the ideal host or hostess, add a pool to your party list. Inground swimming pools leave your backyard looking sleek and stylish while keeping guests occupied outside, rather than roaming (and snooping) through your house. Add a BBQ in the back and you’ll be set for popular parties with friends, neighbors, and family.

3. Pools as Exercise

Don’t waste beautiful summer days inside a sweaty and claustrophobic gym. Choose a customized pool for your backyard that will produce the ultimate workout space. From a lap pool to a shallow pool for water aerobics, you’d be surprised how many workout options you have with inground pools. Swimming is a great way to strengthen your muscles and keep your heart rate up without creating impact stress on your body. Unlike the gym, you can also enjoy added energy from being outside in your pool.

4. Relaxation in Pools

When there is no time to travel, plan a staycation in your backyard by the pool. With an inground swimming pool in your backyard, you’ll bring a piece of the beach home. Add a couple of palm trees in the back and soon you can imagine you’re in Hawaii. Or after a long day at work, you can come home and cool off in the pool, leaving all your stresses behind.

5. Home Pools Cut Out the Crowds

Sure the city may have swimming pools, but who likes to think about all the added fluids and germs contaminating those waters? No more fighting for lawn chairs or searching for your kid in a sea of children. Aqua Rec’s pools allow you to bring the fun home without all the germs and people.

The benefits of a personal inground pool are almost innumerable. If you would like a quote or to view our pool options, contact a representative at Aqua Rec’s today and anticipate paradise in your own backyard.