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What Are the Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub?


What Are the Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub?

There are many expected benefits of owning a hot tub. Being able to relax and lower stress levels, relieving sore muscles, and having an enjoyable night out under the stars are just a few of them.

You might be surprised, however, by these additional perks that buying a personal spa can provide.

1. Better Sleep

Insomniacs rejoice! There may be a simple answer to your sleeping woes. A study published by NCBI proved that with even just a quick soak in a personal spa, there were significant increases in:

  • Sleepiness at bedtime
  • Slow wave sleep
  • Stage 4 sleep
  • Also, REM sleep was reduced, particularly in its first stage.

In short, one hot tub advantage is that you can enjoy more regular (and higher quality) sleep. So, even if you only suffer from an occasional sleepless night, a stress-reducing soak will snap you right out of it.

2. A Healthier Body

With a personal hot tub, you can expect results like improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, and eased chronic pain. Not only will feeling better physically improve mood and decrease anxiety, but it will allow you to exercise more consistently and effectively, contributing to an overall healthier body.

One other advantage of owning a hot tub is that you can customize it to meet your own body’s specific needs. Whether you want quick shoulder pulses, a deep lower back massage, or kneading pressure on your calves, interchangeable jets will get your body feeling oh, so right.

3. Closer Relationships

As social creatures, forming and strengthening relationships are vital to our emotional wellbeing. Removing electronic distractions, feeling in a good mood, and having enjoyable experiences together will all go a long way to solidifying close relations.

Invite some friends over for a barbeque and an evening dip to get to know each other better. Set up a regular time for you and your kids to swim together, play water games, and laugh up the afternoon. Prioritize date night with your significant other so you can talk about your day and unwind together.

Spending time together with your tribe will contribute to making closer connections, which is yet another benefit to owning a hot tub.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Personal Spas

To get the most health benefits, both physical and mental, out of your personal hot tub, here are a few tips:

Are you ready to take the plunge into your own personal hot tub? Your body and your family will thank you!