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What Is a Fiberglass Pool?


What Is a Fiberglass Pool?

When you’re thinking about installing a pool, there’s a lot of planning to think through and particulars to figure out. There are a few different options when it comes to an inground pool as well: vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass.

A vinyl liner pool has plastic or metal wall panels, with grout or vermiculite as the bottom, and the vinyl liner is placed on top of them. A concrete pool is a steel bar structure enclosed in concrete, and then covered with plaster. And a fiberglass pool is just a one-piece, pool-shaped fiberglass structure, which makes it a snap to install.

There are pros and cons to each type of pool, but the benefits of fiberglass are many. Here are just a few.

Low Maintenance and Cheaper

Fiberglass pools are incredibly low maintenance compared to the other types. Most owners of fiberglass pools spend less than30 minutes a week--total--cleaning and maintaining their pool. Algae has a harder time finding a foothold in fiberglass because it is nonporous. And because less maintenance (fewer chemicals & cleaners) is required, even though the initial purchase price may be around the same as a concrete pool, fiberglass pools are much cheaper in the long run.

Ideal for Saltwater

Salt chlorinated water is superior in many ways to traditional chlorine--easier on the skin, less irritating smell, cheaper to maintain. But saltwater is also more abrasive to concrete surfaces. This means you’ll have to resurface a saltwater concrete pool every few years. But salt doesn’t harm fiberglass at all.

More Appealing to Home Buyers

Because the benefits are becoming common knowledge these days, fiberglass pools are much more attractive than other types of pools in the real estate industry. People don’t see them as expensive or as work-intensive as the other types.

If you’re looking to install a pool, you won’t be disappointed with the durability and quality of fiberglass. Check out the fiberglass options that Aqua Rec has to offer and contact us today with your questions!