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Why a Portable Hot Tub Is Right for You


Why a Portable Hot Tub Is Right for You
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One common misconception about portable hot tubs in Washington is that they lack durability. Although they are constructed of more flexible materials, portable hot tubs are made from strong materials meant to last for years. They have many benefits that go beyond their inexpensive price tag. Learn about how a portable hot tub can provide additional convenience for your life and find a hot tub dealer in Bonny Lake, WA.  


Adding a permanent hot tub to your home can cost thousands of dollars outright. Once you’ve added in the bells and whistles and the installation fee, you can expect to pay thousands more. Portable hot tubs can be bought at a portion of the price while still lasting long enough to become an enjoyable feature for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Portable hot tubs in are extremely simple to set up and typically require only one person to get the tub ready to use. While permanent tubs require regular maintenance and cleaning for the jets, portable tubs can simply be scrubbed down after use and do not require specialized care.

Year-Round Use

Once you’ve decided on a place for your permanent hot tub, it’s usually confined to the indoor or outdoor location where you installed it. Portable tubs have the benefit of easily being moved, whether it’s to the porch, a designated room of the house, or even a campsite.

Easily Storable and Portable

After a portable hot tub has seen its use for the season, it can easily be collapsed and stored away for future use. All it typically requires is a dry storage area, close to room temperature and it will be in great shape the next time you need it. Many portable hot tubs are so simple to use that they can easily be moved between homes and taken on the go.

The Best Place to Find Portable Hot Tubs in Bonny Lake, WA

Aqua Rec is a hot tub dealer in Bonny Lake, WA that provides a number of quality brands and will introduce you to long-lasting, reliable, and enjoyable portable hot tubs. Contact us today to browse the many options available for both your taste and budget.