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Winter Hot Tub Care 101


Winter Hot Tub Care 101

Hot tubs can be fun any time of year, but they’re especially great during the winter. There’s just something relaxing about the cold air on your face while the rest of your body is cocooned in the hot bubbling water. It’s also great for your muscles and joints—when they’re cold, they’re much more prone to pulling or straining during physical activity. Plus, hot tubs provide a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air without freezing the whole time.

But there are a few maintenance tips you should know if you choose to keep your hot tub open during the colder months.

Change the Water Early

If you know you’re due for a water change anyway, get it done before the cold sets in. It’s not a task anyone really enjoys, but it’s especially loathsome in freezing temperatures. Plus, depending on the climate where you live, there’s a risk of the water freezing during this process, which could easily damage your spa. Drain the water and scrub the tub clean before refilling it.

Keep It Covered

Invest in a high-quality cover that is well-insulated and forms a tight seal. This will help your spa to maintain its temperature even when faced with frigid weather.

Maintain the Water

Keep a close eye on the water level and be sure to add more when it needs it. If the water sinks too low in icy temperatures, it could freeze, which could damage the components and be quite an expensive fix.

Along those same lines, make sure to keep the water clean. Stay on track with changing the filters and don’t let the cold weather persuade you to slack off. When the temperature drops below freezing, simple problems can quickly become complicated and costly.

For more tips of keeping your spa running during the colder months, contact Aqua Rec’s today.