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4 Benefits Of A Cozy Home Stove


4 Benefits Of A Cozy Home Stove
Wood burning stove in bedroom

Our 21st-century world is full of modern conveniences and technology, and that even extends to the stoves and fireplaces in our homes. Fireplaces are functional and beautiful, but they lack the cozy charm that can only be provided with a real wood-burning stove. A warm, flickering wood fire creates an ambiance that can’t be simulated any other way. There are more benefits to these old-fashioned stoves than meets the eye. Keep these advantages in mind when considering what type of stove will work best for you.

1. Effective Radiant Heat

How effective are wood burning stoves in really heating a home? Yes! These stoves give off radiant heat, which heats more effectively than does forced-air vent system in a home. A wood-burning stove can easily heat homes from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Their heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). Most wood-burning stoves have an output of 25,000 to 80,000 BTUs and do so with 60-85% efficiency, as opposed to 10% efficiency with traditional fireplaces. If your stove is placed in an open, central location in your home where the heat can radiate effectively, it will keep your home comfortably warm without needing to turn on your furnace.

2. Save Money

Not only does a wood-burning stove heat a home effectively, wood is less expensive per BTU than oil, electricity, or gas. When a wood-burning stove is placed in a home to optimize its heating capability, homeowners can see significant annual savings on their heating bill.

3. Stay Warm in Power Outages

Power outages occur occasionally during winter months, and when that happens you and your family can be left in the cold. A wood-burning stove doesn’t rely on electricity, providing you with a dependable and independent heat source, regardless of your home’s supply of power and gas. What’s more, even after the fire in your stove dies down, its retained heat will continue to radiate and warm your home. You can even use your stove for cooking during a power outage!

4. Eco-Friendly

New wood-burning stoves are considered carbon-neutral, meaning they do not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The emissions of old-fashioned wood-burning stoves are not environmentally friendly. Be sure you are buying a high-quality stove from a reputable dealer. It’s important that you only use clean-burning seasoned wood to fuel your stove. Do not use your stove to burn trash or scrap wood.

There’s no doubt that real wood-burning stoves bring timeless charm into any home. But when you consider all the benefits they have to offer, buying one is an easy decision. Contact Aqua Rec today to find the stove that’s right for you.