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What to Do With Your Hot Tub in the Summer



What Can You Do with Your Hot Tub in the Summer?

Many people aren’t aware that you can use your hot tub in the summer to cool off and relax on a warm summer day. As the experts in spas and hot tubs, we know just what to do with your hot tub in the summer, including how to soak up the sun and share the fun while making sure your hot tub stays in the best condition.

What Should You Do with Your Hot Tub in the Summer?

Before you can start enjoying the plus side of owning a hot tub, there are some things you should check to make sure everything’s working properly throughout the heat.

It can be very upsetting to get home after a long day to see there’s no water in your hot tub. If you’ve also noticed your water bill has skyrocketed, it could be a sign that your outdoor oasis has a leak. This can be stressful and overwhelming, but Aqua Rec’s can help! We know how to fix any leaks or cracks so you’re able to soak the day away.

How to Personally Enjoy Your Hot Tub in the Summer

Don’t think that your hot tub is only enjoyable in the chilly months of winter to warm up or on a breezy night to soothe sore muscles. You can still use your hot tub when it’s warmer outside, just at different times of the day. Take a dip in the morning before the sun heats the water, or as the sun sets after an intense workout to soothe your muscles on the jets.

Having a hot tub is only part of the equation. Having all the right accessories and accents can allow you to get the most use out of your hot tub in the summer. Aqua Rec’s has plenty of great hot tub accessories that are the perfect way to enhance your soak.

Fun Ways to Use Your Hot Tub in the Summer

Your hot tub doesn’t have to just be for you to enjoy, either. There’s nothing better to center a get-together around than your hot tub in the summer. Here are a few fun ideas you can do this summer.

Enjoy Backyard Get-Togethers

When you’re the one in your friend group or neighborhood with a hot tub in the summer, you become the life of the party. Whether you have a large party or keep it to a select few, using your hot tub in the summer is a great idea for a summer night that everyone you love can enjoy!

Throw a Hot Tub Party

Skip the big party and have a couple of people over for a small hot tub party. Prepare your hot tub with all the best swim and tub accessories like side tables, drink holders, steps, and small floats. You can even turn your hot tub into a mini pool, turn the temperature down, and adjust the lights to create a different, moody vibe.

Spice Up Your Social Life

Another way to use your hot tub in the summer is for different aspects of your social life. You can play many activities and games in a hot tub, making it the perfect addition to your yard any time of year. You can invite a new workout buddy over for some water aerobics, or invite your new neighbors over in hopes of making new friends in the blaze of summer.

You could also host a movie night in your backyard and watch it from your hot tub. Just put up a screen, set up your projector, and pour a drink among friends to enjoy the next best movie theater in town.

Get the Most Out of Your Hot Tub This Summer 

Having a hot tub in the summer might be one of the best additions to a small yard, even in warm locations. There are numerous uses for hot tubs year-round. You can host guests in the summer and plan activities around your hot tub to cool off and chill out on a warm Friday night.

To make sure your summer is full of hot tub fun, have it regularly inspected by Aqua Rec’s and make the needed repairs sooner rather than later so you can kick off your summer right.

Looking to purchase a hot tub with affordable financing, or need any hot tub products and accessories? Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.