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5 Accessories for A Dream Spa Oasis


5 Accessories for A Dream Spa Oasis

Owning a spa or hot tub undoubtedly has perks, but by adding just a few top-notch accessories, you’ll be able to boost the enjoyment factor ten-fold and create the spa of your dreams. Check out these five must-have additions to create a relaxing spa oasis, today.

1. A Smartop Cover

The Smartop cover by Leisure Concepts truly improves the overall experience of owning a hot tub. As one of the most innovative, functional, and easy-to-use spa covers on the market today, the Smartop cover is designed with durable materials and unique features that make accessing your spa easier than ever.  

2. Spa Cushions & Seating

Boost the comfort level in your spa with customizable pillows and cushions. There are various design styles like that which hangs over the edge of the spa, those made with counterweights that hang outside the spa, and those with suction cups that attach to the headrest. Similarly, if you have trouble relaxing while keeping your head above water, or have small children, consider investing a booster cushion that’s designed to help elevate and aid in relaxation.   

3. Spa Steps and Rails

Make getting in and out of your spa easier and safer with spa steps and rails. Available in various different colors and styles, spa steps are designed with non-slip surface materials to improve safety measures while also making it easy for children, elderly, and daily users to access and enjoy the spa. By pairing these steps with a helpful handrail, you further improve the safety and usability of your oasis-like spa.

4.Spa Sound Systems

What better way to create the spa of your dreams than to add a sound system that can easily cue your favorite tunes? With a floating waterproof speaker, you can connect via Bluetooth from any smartphone, tablet, or other device and set the mood for whatever your entertainment or relaxation needs demand.  

5. Spa Scents

Spa fragrances are essential for any oasis setting. Consider purchasing some spa moisturizers to help soothe and soften your skin while also distributing relaxing fragrances that help mask the chemical smells spas can often emit. Because these fragrances and moisturizers are designed specifically for spas and hot tubs, they won’t affect the chemistry of the water or leave a nasty film or residue on the water’s surface or other essential parts of your spa.

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