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Adding the Perfect Details to Your Deck


Adding the Perfect Details to Your Deck

A deck is a perfect addition to any house, whether you live in a small, suburban home or a house in the mountains or the lake. You can create an outdoor living space that suits your lifestyle and can be shared with family and friends, by following some simple suggestions. Here are some ideas to make the most of your deck.

Multi-Use Pergola

Adding a wood pergola to your deck and using brightly colored, waterproof fabric panels adds a festive look to your deck and allows you to spend more time outdoors and entertain guests even if you have unexpected showers. Use the same fabric for pillows and chair cushions to pull the look together. Metal is another good option for a pergola. You can situate the pergola in one area of the deck, or create a wood roof extension with a lighted ceiling fan to keep the deck cooler. Add a stylish patio table and chair, and you're ready to entertain. A pergola can separate your deck into different areas to make it more functional.

Built-In Seating

Built-in benches around your deck provide a lot of seating for guests and can be built to look as though they're part of the original structure. One way to beautify your deck and offer privacy is to enclose one corner with a wall or a latticework trellis. Add hanging plants and a metal table and chairs for a secluded spot. Built-in seating around a firepit creates a cozy spot for cold nights. If you don't have a railing, built-in benches can create a perimeter. Place planters between the benches for seasonal flowers.

Add Glass Panels

If you live in an area where one of the attractions is the scenery, Add posts around your deck and place glass panels between each post. The glass panels are an excellent windblock and don't obstruct your view. A dramatic way to incorporate glass panels on your deck is to alternate clear and etched design glass, with lights in the railing that illuminate the glass.

Build an Addition

Create a beautiful space for entertaining or just relaxing on a quiet afternoon. Build a gazebo at one end of your deck. A gazebo can have multiple uses and can be a great spot for your grill on rainy days. If you want to sit on your deck in the summer and not be bothered by insects, you can enclose the gazebo with screens. Outfit it with outdoor furniture in bright prints and creative lighting, and you have the perfect getaway spot.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal addition if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Have a separate eating area, and you're set for those summer barbecues. One of the most attractive designs for an outdoor kitchen is to enclose your grill, refrigerator, and storage space within a brick exterior. Use granite or quartz in colors that complement the exterior of your home for the countertops.

Deck with A Fireplace

One way to make the most of your deck is to add a roof and a fireplace. The roof protects from inclement weather, and the fireplace provides sufficient warmth to enjoy your deck through all seasons. A brick fireplace with an extended hearth and built-in sconces on either side of the mantle compliments the decor of any home. The fireplace can be a feature of the outdoor kitchen or can be in a different spot on the deck. Old-fashioned carriage lamps hung on posts, and a waterfall or pond offer a serene atmosphere.

Create an Oasis with A Hot Tub

Transform your deck into a peaceful oasis with a spa. A spa or hot tub helps you to wind down and release stress at the end of a busy day. Soaking in the warm water is therapeutic. Designate a space on the deck to accommodate the tub. To increase privacy, surround with tall plants or trees, or an add-on like a screened gazebo. Wood panels around the spa provide a secluded spot to relax. Add a roof or overhang.

When you have a deck in your home, be creative and incorporate as many concepts as you want to create the space that you'll love to come home to.