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Creating the Ultimate Complimentary Space to Surround Your Pool


Creating the Ultimate Complimentary Space to Surround Your Pool

The pool is a common feature in backyards that creates a fun and enjoyable place to spend time during the summer season. The pool also works as a focal point and can influence the design of the setting. When you want to create the ultimate complimentary space to surround your pool, here are a few ideas to consider.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

You can make it easy to host a party or a gathering in the backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen. It can include a bar area, mini refrigerator, stove top, and barbecue allowing you to entertain and make conversation with your guests while cooking. The outdoor kitchen can also include a fireplace (that can double as a pizza oven) in an area where everyone can lounge around in the evening. Stack various sizes of stone to create a beautiful feature that looks rustic and improves the quality of the backyard. The stone can also match the rocks that were used to decorate or build the pool to create a complimentary space that appears professionally designed.

Add a Patio

A patio can extend your living space and offer a place to dine outdoors, while taking in the view of the pool. The patio can feature outdoor furniture where you can read a book or take a nap. Use potted plants on the patio to fill in bare areas and create a welcoming setting that looks complete with how it's decorated.

Use Clay Pots

Use different sizes of clay pots to create a lush environment where you can plant flowers. You'll need to mix existing soil in the yard with quality topsoil to ensure that the plants thrive. You'll also want to have room in the dirt where the plants can grow roots to prevent them from wilting and dying. The pots can be used around the pool to create a frame and furnish the feature. Potted plants need more water to thrive than plants that are in the ground, making it necessary to water them twice during the week, especially in warmer climates.

Smaller trees can also create a lush environment will create extra dimension with the design of the setting and offer a bit of shade.

Using low-maintenance plants and trees will make it easier to create an attractive environment that doesn't need too much upkeep to continue looking beautiful.

Add Solar Lights

Solar lights will illuminate different areas of the backyard and won't increase your energy usage on the property with lights that obtain energy from the sun. Add solar lights in areas that receive direct sunlight several hours each day to ensure that they can illuminate pathways near the pool or areas of a garden. The solar lights can also make the pool more visible if they frame the feature.

Build a Gazebo

Gazebos are known as classic features to add to backyard settings where you can have a place to lounge around or dine during the warmer months of the year. Building a gazebo close to the pool can create an aesthetically pleasing environment that looks cozy. Plant vines next to the gazebo to ensure that they grow up the feature and allow it to blend in with the rest of the landscaping. Use wicker or wood patio furniture to furnish the setting and make it easy to spend time with your guests while taking in the views of the pool.

Use a Fountain

A fountain that is placed in a garden or near the pool can create an outdoor oasis that incorporates tranquil sounds into the setting. Fountains will allow you to relax while sitting outdoors, or when you're wading in the pool. The feature can also attract different types of birds or butterflies to enhance the beauty of the outdoor environment.

A pond is also an ideal feature to add when you want more water to be incorporated into the backyard. Add a few fish and plant flowers or plants around the water to make it appear lush.

Install a Fence

Many homeowners choose to install a fence around the landscaped area of the pool to close in the setting and add extra privacy on the property. You won't have to worry about your neighbors peeking in when you want to relax in your pool or hot tub. The fence can also prevent animals from finding their way into the yard and destroying different areas of the property.

Creating a complimentary space around your pool will require plenty of creativity to ensure that you get more use out of the yard. By designing an outdoor oasis, you can enjoy spending more time on your property and making it your personal retreat.