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Enhance Your Social Life with Pools in Tacoma


Enhance Your Social Life with Pools in Tacoma

Owners of pools in Tacoma automatically get a boost in social status: they have the go-to party house among friends, and their pool is the ultimate place to cool down on hot summer days. Yes, having a pool is an investment, but with the following tips, you’ll learn how to be the popular person with a pool in Tacoma.

Host an End-of-the-School-Year Party

Kick off the summer with a swim party. If you have kids, have them invite all of their friends to celebrate the end of school. Everyone will love this carefree way to cool down, which signals the beginning of sleeping in and skipping homework for the next three months.

Have a Fourth of July BBQ

Holidays are the perfect excuse to host a pool party in the summer. The Fourth of July is often one of the hottest days of the year in Tacoma, so it’s a great chance to allow friends and family to make a splash while you fire up the grill and watch fireworks from your own backyard.

Invite Friends to Learn Water Aerobics

Even if you don’t have a lap pool, you can still use your pool as a way to get fit with friends. Have some fun and host a water aerobics class every week at your pool. Even if you don’t know how to do water aerobics yet, you’ll have a great time learning side-by-side with your buddies. YouTube is all you need to get started!

Install a Pool Today

If you’re ready to be the popular person with a pool in Tacoma, contact Aqua Rec’s. We offer the finest pools in Tacoma and can help answer any questions you might have. Shop our pools, or check out our financing options today.