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Have a Blast with These 12 Fun Hot Tub Accessories


Hot Tub Accessories

Your hot tub is already your favorite place to unwind and make memories with friends and family. But would you believe your hot tub experience could get even better? Fun hot tub accessories can add extra excitement and make you and your guests more comfortable every time you take a relaxing soak. Check out our ideas for cool hot tub accessories to take your hot tub night to the next level.

1. SpaUmbrella

Whether the sun is shining, rain is pouring, or snow is falling, a SpaUmbrella is an essential accessory for any hot tub. You’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub in any weather with the added comfort of an umbrella to shield you from the elements.

2. SmartDeck

The unmatched SmartDeck creates a smooth, even, slip-proof surface for getting in and out of the hot tub. Even if your hot tub is set on grass or uneven ground, you’ll always be confident stepping in and out with this modular-designed deck.

3. SmartBar

There’s nothing better than relaxing with your favorite drink or appetizers in the hot tub, and it’s easier than ever when you install a SmartBar. This convenient accessory offers built-in storage and a slip-resistant spot to place everything from food and drinks to phones and sunglasses.

4. Safe-T-Rail

It’s always important to play it safe when entering or exiting the water, but the Safe-T-Rail eliminates many hazards that come along with a slippery hot tub surface. Hot tub owners old and young will appreciate the sturdy, rust-free design of this comfortable rail.

5. SpaCaddy

Looking for another simple spot to store your snacks and phone? The SpaCaddy easily twists close to the hot tub and can then be pushed back out to keep your belongings safe from the splash zone.

6. TowelBar

When you’re hot tubbing in chilly weather, you don’t want to have to go far to wrap up in a warm towel when you’re done with your soak. Luckily, the TowelBar solves this conundrum by keeping your towels handy and within arm’s reach.

7. Hot Tub Cover

You made a big investment in your hot tub, and you want it to stand the test of time. Make sure you get the most out of your purchase by buying a hot tub cover, which keeps debris and critters out of the water, and also regulates the temperature throughout the year.

8. Hot Tub Cover Lifts

Once you buy a hot tub cover, you’ll probably want an easy-to-use hot tub cover lift for taking the cover on and off with minimal effort. The steel cable cover lock system makes it easy to secure your hot tub with zero water retention and optimal heat retention.

9. Hot Tub Steps

Combine your Safe-T-Rail with hot tub steps, and you have all the essential hot tub accessories for getting in and out of the pool with ease. Hot tub steps come in a variety of styles to match your space and can even include solar lighting or drawers for even greater convenience.

10. Pool Noodles

Do you have young ones joining you for a splash in the hot tub? Make the occasion even more fun with colorful pool noodles. Kids will love having a bright and comfortable flotation device to make getting around the hot tub more secure.

Get Your Hot Tub Accessories Today

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