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Great Gift Ideas for Hot Tub Owners


Great Gift Ideas for Hot Tub Owners

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite hot tub owner? Or hoping to stay in the good graces of your hot tub owning neighbors so you can enjoy a soak or two? Give gifting a try. Check out our list of great gift ideas for hot tub owners and share a little love so you can share a soak.


Towels don’t just have to be a necessity, they can be a luxury. Splurge for nice towels (maybe even a matching set) and show your favorite hot tubbing pals just how nice it feels to dry off with a high thread count. Married to the hot tub connoisseur? Take towels a step up and splurge for luxury robes. Trust us when we say nothing is as relaxing as exiting the hot tub and wrapping up in a robe.  

Floating Drink Holders

Ready to take your hot tubbing experience to the next level? Hot tub owners, don’t be afraid, give yourself the gift of cool cans that stay afloat in your own personal hot tub haven. Floating drink holders can be purchased online and make an excellent addition to any hot tub.

Think Waterproof

Have a fellow hot tub enthusiast who may not be the most coordinated? Start thinking waterproof for your next gift ideas for hot tub owners. Things like waterproof phone cases are great for those who just can’t wait to take that #HotTubLife selfie and for those who are just a little more clumsy.

Mood Lighting

Hot tubbing is primarily done at night, and though we’re all for a soak in the sun, a great gift idea involves outdoor lighting. Whether it’s trendy bulb lights or tiki torches that double as mosquito repellent, the right lighting can set the stage for a relaxing night in the hot tub. Hot tub owners from Washington and beyond will enjoy this universally appreciated gift.

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