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How to Clean Stove Burners


Stove Burners

Every home can benefit from the ambiance and warmth of a beautiful stove. However, high-quality stoves require regular maintenance to keep them running and looking beautiful. So check out our guide below to learn how to clean stove burners. If your stove is past repair, take a look at Aqua Rec’s high quality selection of outdoor stoves.

Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

Gas stoves are convenient and efficient for everyday use. When using your gas stove frequently, you’ll soon notice residue on your burners. This buildup isn’t just unsightly—it’s a fire and safety hazard too.

Here’s how to clean gas stove burner heads:

  1. Use warm water and dishwasher detergent to get the top filmy layer off of the burners.
  2. Create a paste using baking soda and water (you want the paste to be thick).
  3. Use a cloth to coat all of the burners in the thick paste, then wait 20 minutes.
  4. Scrub the burners to release any remaining food particles and residue, then rinse.

Cleaning Wood Stove Burners

A wood-burning stove offers all of the coziness of an old-fashioned cabin, even in the most modern setting. Like any stove, a wood stove needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking great and extend its lifespan.

Here’s how to clean a wood-burning stove surface:

  1. Wait for the stove to cool down, then use a rag to clean the surface with warm water and dishwasher detergent.
  2. Rinse the surface clean with warm water, then allow it to thoroughly dry.
  3. Using a microfiber towel or paper towel, apply a thin layer of hotplate protector or stove paste. Rub off any excess.
  4. After you’re done, be sure to light a fire in the stove to harden the polish. Keep a good airflow while using the stove for the first time after cleaning.

Cleaning Pellet Stove Burners

Like a wood stove, a pellet stove offers unmatched warmth and enjoyment throughout the year. But the stove does require a unique process to get it clean and well maintained.

Here’s how to properly clean a pellet stove burner:

  1. Make sure your stove is turned off and has cooled down from the last time it was used. Then check to see if the burn pot has signs of build-up.
  2. Use a fireplace poker to loosen any pellet jams.
  3. Vacuum the hopper or run it on empty to get rid of fuel particles.
  4. Vacuum any ash and use a cloth to clean the glass and other parts of the burner.

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