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Indoor vs Outdoor Spa: Which Is Right For You?


Indoor vs Outdoor Spa: Which Is Right For You?
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Hot tubs are beautiful and will look luxurious whether yours is indoors or outdoors. Where will you use your hot tub most frequently and enjoy it most? The space you have available and your personal lifestyle will determine the best installation location for your spa.

Square footage

Do you have enough space indoors? This can be the determining factor in where to install your hot tub. If you don’t currently have enough space in your home the only other option for an indoor spa is to build an addition onto your home.


Indoors you will have coverage from the elements, but some people enjoy relaxing in their spa during the rain or snow. Falling leaves, rain, hail, and snow can present problems for outdoor spas too. Leaves and debris can clog drains, hail can damage the hot tub or cover, both heavy piles of snow in the winter and direct sunlight can damage the cover too. Even when weather is mild, you can run into issues with bugs getting into your spa.

Great care has to be taken to keep the spa clean and protected from weather conditions. Repairs to a damaged spa can be costly. Take into consideration the climate in your area and what kind of maintenance having an outdoor spa will require. The level of regular maintenance you’re willing to undertake is an important factor to consider if you’re thinking of installing your spa outdoors.

Proper Ventilation and Drainage

You will need proper ventilation to avoid excessive humidity and concentration of chemicals in the air indoors. Your indoor space will need to be evaluated by a professional to determine how many vents are needed. Humidity, mold, and mildew can cause real damage to your flooring and drywall. Speaking of flooring, humidity also makes floors very slippery. Floor drains and textured flooring to provide traction help prevent the buildup of standing water around the spa that can cause slips and falls.

There typically isn’t an issue with ventilation when spas are outdoors. Take proper precautions to make sure your outdoor spa area protects others from slips and falls.


If privacy is important to you while you’re relaxing in your hot tub you’ll need to keep it indoors. Outdoor hot tubs are in full open view to your neighbors. If the possibility of someone seeing you in your bathing suit isn’t bothersome to you, then an outdoor spa isn’t ruled out for you.

Comfort and Relaxation

The best installation location for your spa really depends on your climate, available square footage, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to take on with your new luxury item. Remember that your spa should be a place you go to relax, not an anxiety-inducing activity. Be sure its location is where you are most comfortable.

When you’re ready to talk about the details of your new spa, contact the experts at Aqua Rec.