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Maximize Your Space with a Corner Gas Fireplace


Maximize Your Space with a Corner Gas Fireplace

A small living space doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a touch of class and comfort. A corner gas fireplace is a versatile type of fireplace that can fit into any room, no matter how cozy. Traditional fireplaces can take up a lot of space so if you’re seeking the look and feel of a hearth but don’t have the square footage, consider a corner gas fireplace. Let’s take a look at the benefits of adding a corner gas fireplace to your home, no matter the size.

Space for Everything

Traditional hearths can take up a lot of space. In some homes, an entire wall is dedicated to the fireplace, leaving no space on that side of the room for furniture, decor, or bookshelves. A corner gas fireplace, on the other hand, fits into a curve at the corner of two walls. This means it frees up wall space on both sides so you have plenty of room to include your photos, entertainment center, cabinets, and more. Corner fireplaces are a space-saving solution that adds the cozy, sophisticated feel of a fireplace while still leaving room for other design and functional elements you value. Plus, using gas as fuel, rather than wood, means you don’t have to waste storage space on logs or fireplace tools.

Background Decor

Often, a large fireplace becomes the focal point of a room, demanding that all furniture be pointed in its direction and arranged around it. A corner gas fireplace, on the other hand, adds a more subtle effect to a room, while still functioning as a stunning element. By placing a fireplace in the corner, you can shift the focus of the room to a dramatic painting, the windows, or entertainment center. A corner fireplace looks great but doesn’t dominate a room. You can arrange furniture so that the fireplace becomes a backdrop, rather than a focal point.

Custom Design

Adding a corner gas fireplace to your home allows you to customize your space. You can choose the wall that most suits having a cozy fireplace in the corner, adding warmth and interest without disrupting your design. Remember, you aren’t limited to the living room when it comes to installing a corner gas fireplace. You might like one in the kitchen, your office, or even your bedroom. In each of these rooms, a corner fireplace will add subtle beauty and atmosphere without taking up too much space or drawing too much attention to itself.

Corner Gas Fireplaces for Sale

Are you looking to maximize your space with a corner gas fireplace? Aqua Rec’s Fireside Hearth N’ Home offers a variety of fireplace designs and options, from showstopping to subtle. Contact us today to learn more about installing a corner gas fireplace in your home.