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Your Guide to Simple Spa Maintenance


Your Guide to Simple Spa Maintenance
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When you have a spa at home, there are two things you tend to dread: not being in your spa, and spa maintenance. The solution to the first of these two issues is simple enough and gives you something to look forward to each day. For the second, there are two things that can help. First, relax. Spa maintenance is not as complicated as it might seem and only requires a few spa products. Second, just follow a few simple guidelines, and you will keep your spa running smoothly all year round.

Chemistry Class

To maintain healthy water levels in your spa, you want to check it at least a couple times a week. Using your spa testing kit, check for pH levels and any impurities that might be in the water. You can also test the water coming out of your tap to see how it measures up before adding it to your spa. If the water comes up alkaline or having other issues, you can use your treatment kit to get the chemicals back in balance.

Weekly Wiping

Giving your spa a good wipe-down will help keep it clean. Spas can get scum buildup or other issues, especially at the water line. Using a gentle chemical from Aqua Rec’s, you can wipe away any stains or grime from the shell. Doing it weekly will make the job much easier each time.

In addition to wiping down your spa on a weekly basis, you should also drain it completely every three or four months and give it a more thorough cleaning. If you remember to do it once each season, you will keep your spa clean and running smoothly and keep your spa maintenance chores to a minimum.

Filter Maintenance

Perhaps the most important element of spa maintenance is remembering to clean and change your spa’s filter on a regular basis. Clean your filter every month following the guidelines on the filter packaging. You will then need to replace the filter every 1 to 2 years, depending on how often you use your spa.

Good spa maintenance will help you get the most out of your spa. Set up reminders on your phone or calendar to keep up. By following these simple tips, your spa will run better, and your spa maintenance will be easier each time.

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