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The Cost to Run a Hot Tub in the Winter


The Cost to Run a Hot Tub in the Winter
Covered hot tub on a residential porch in a snow storm, horizontal aspect

Hot tubs can make a great addition to any home. Why? Because you can use them all year. But with winter in full swing, if you’re a hot tub owner, you may be wondering what this will do to the utility bill. Not only that, you may be wondering how you can improve your utility statement and ensure the hot tub runs smoothly all year long.

We’re going to prepare you with the facts and tips that relate to running and maintaining your hot tub during the winter and how much it will cost to run. Because honestly, what’s better than sitting in a hot pool of water on a cold, winter night?

What Will it Cost?

The cost of running a hot tub during the winter may paint a different picture of your hot tub than the summer costs. During the warmer months, the cost of a hot tub will depend on its:

  • Temperature
  • Water capacity
  • Chemical use
  • Maintenance

All of these factors, especially maintenance, will also determine how well a hot tub will perform in the winter and if costs will increase during the winter. A well-maintained hot tub with a clean filter will use less energy.

In the winter, the cost to run a hot tub may rise slightly. A high-quality hot tub that is regularly maintained may only cost $10-$15 a month to keep on during the winter, but the cost can vary with your climate.

During the winter, the cost to operate and maintain your hot tub may be determined by:

  • Hot tub cover use
  • Quality of hot tub insulation
  • Hot tub insulating base

Preparing for the Bill

As a homeowner, you’re all about making sure the numbers look good. With your hot tub investment, it only makes sense you want to ensure the numbers don’t turn ugly once the electric and water bill comes.

As you consider a swim spa from a certified dealer, it’s important to know what a hot tub may cost you. Similar to the factors that determine your hot tub bill during other seasons of the year, a hot tub’s winter utility bill will factor in:

  • The cost of energy to live in your area
  • Your location’s climate
  • Overall hot tub size or capacity
  • Insulation
  • A properly fitted cover

Lowering the Blow of a Big Bill

It’s on your mind, “How in the world am I going to lower this bill without getting rid of my hot tub?” We’ll be the first to put your mind at ease and offer solutions that can help you lower the bill blow with these winter saving tips.

  • Add a thermal blanket.
  • Upgrade to a high-quality, snugly fitted cover.
  • Keep the spa clean.
  • Turn down the temperature a few degrees.
  • Shelter your hot tub from the wind.

If you’re an owner of an older hot tub, invest in an upgraded model from our team at Aqua Rec’s. Contact us today!