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Tips for the Perfect Summer Pool Party


Tips for the Perfect Summer Pool Party

Nothing feels quite so good as breaking free from the wet and rainy spring and transitioning into summer time. Summer and it’s warm weather, long days, and vacations make it pretty hard to beat. And there’s also the pool parties. If you’re the proud owner of a pool, one of the best ways to enjoy the weather is by the pool, having a party.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply daydreaming about your first summer pool party, we’ve got some great hosting tips to help you get things started. While you’re at it, take a look at building your dream pool with Aqua Rec’s.

Mood Music

Set the tone for a great party with a great playlist. Music can make or break a party, so plan out what songs you want to play in advance. But be open to switching it up if your guests have requests.

If you have Bluetooth speakers, set them up around your pool for a nice surround-sound vibe. Otherwise, a nice speaker set with a good range will work perfectly. Start your music playing well in advance, preferably before your guests arrive so that the mood will be set as they walk through the doors.


Keep your guests hydrated with coolers full of beverages to choose from. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, having a refreshing selection of drinks will keep your guests happy and the party bumping.


People love food. Parties need people. So, parties also need food. Grilled burgers or hot dogs are typical pool party cuisine but don’t feel like you can’t branch out and explore other options. Salads, fruit platters, veggies, and chips are all perfect pool fare.


Plan your party with a theme. Even if you just choose a combination of colors, the party will feel more fun, exciting, and planned out if you design it around a theme. Think about getting balloons, streamers, table clothes, and anything else you would like to decorate and make your guests feel welcome.

Plan Games

Pool parties are a great place to hang out and talk, but they’re also a fun venue to play games. You can organize big group games that involve all your guests or provide games for smaller groups. Either way, the idea is to get your guests to interact and enjoy themselves.

Provide Sunscreen/Towels

A good party host will be prepared for anything, especially for situations involving guests who arrive without sun protection or a way to dry off. You should always set out a basket with extra sunscreen and have a few spare towels waiting in reserve during your party, just to be safe.

Pool Accessories

Playing in the water is fun. It’s even more fun with pool accessories. Find some floaties or set up a volleyball net across your pool, and your guests will enjoy the water all the more.

No pool yet? Get ready to host your own summer pool parties and contact us at Aqua Rec’s today!