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The Top Five Must Own Fireplace Accessories


The Top Five Must Own Fireplace Accessories

This is the time of year when winter winds and snow blow through and can keep your home feeling chilly no matter how high you crank the heat. Grabbing a warm drink and getting a cozy fire going in your fireplace can be the perfect solution to those freezing nights. You likely already know that maintaining your fireplace and chimney is of utmost importance, but the accessories you include in your set-up can make a real difference in the ease of getting your fire started and keeping it going. Keep reading for ideas on some essential accessories beyond your fireplace screen.

The Tool Set

If you’re planning to use your fireplace regularly throughout the cold months, it’s essential that you have a good tool set. At minimum, your set should include a broom, poker, and shovel. You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to design, from minimalistic to intricate designs that include shelves and extra hooks. Don’t feel like you should limit your tool set to just the basics. You can also incorporate different accessories, including options like a mitten rack and a bellows. Use your mitten rack to quickly warm up wet gloves that have been outside handling snow. Your bellows is the ideal way to fuel dying flames with a blast of air.

A Wood Rack

Keeping the warmth inside your house means eliminating unnecessary trips outside to grab more wood for the fire. So, be sure to invest in a good wood rack. The size will be dependent on the size of the room in which your fireplace is located, as well as how it’s set up. Some fireplaces are corner designs, while others are a more traditional, which will dictate what your ideal options are for wood storage. Check out sites like Aqua Rec’s for ideas on what’s right for your space.

An Ash Bucket with a Lid

This accessory is not only convenient, it’s also a safer option for disposing of your ashes from your wood-burning fireplace. Ashes from a dead fire can retain heat for an extended period of time, making it unsafe to dispose of them in trash bags or boxes. Keeping a metal ash bucket next to your hearth is the perfect solution for storing old ashes. You’ll easily keep your fire building area clean and tidy. Plus, it provides a more sophisticated look than old cans or buckets.

Fire Resistant Gloves

Keep burns at bay with a pair of fire-resistant gloves. Tossing a new log on the fire, or getting your initial bundle to light is made safer with a pair of these gloves. They are also useful when you are tempted to reach in and rearrange an errant piece of wood that is just outside of the flame’s range.

A Hearth rug

If you have a fireplace in a room with carpeting, you probably have already experienced small burns in your carpet from stray sparks when your screen is open. Avoid damage to your carpet or hardwood floors with a hearth rug. These flame-resistant rugs protect the area in front of your fireplace and won’t melt from the heat of accidental hot embers hitting the floor.

Adding essential accessories to your fireplace will ensure that it’s an area you can enjoy and maintain with little work. This means less time for you to worry about cleaning up and organizing the space, and more time for relaxing in front of a cozy fire.