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Warm Winter Stoves for the Home


Winter is coming and Jack Frost will soon be here.

Your home will be the only thing between you and our famous cold, grey, and wet Washington winter. Well, here at Aqua Rec, we are prepared for that. Aqua Rec is kicking off our great winter stove sale. Imagine warming up next to the fire. Hot chocolate in hand, or maybe spiced cider and eggnog, a little kettle corn. Or maybe, “chestnuts roasting on an _________,”(Fill in the “fire” of your choice):

A. Open Fire (Wood, Gas, or Electric Fireplace).
B. Stove (Wood, Pellet, or Gas).
C. Insert (Wood or Pellet)

We have good old-fashioned log-burning stoves, as well as trendy and cost-effective pellet or gas stoves and inserts, low-cost electric stoves, and every option or combination you could imagine.

A fire fit for any space

Some like the nostalgia of using wood to fuel the fire. Others prefer to lose the logs and lighten the load with a clean and simple pellet stove. Many of these have the added perk of an automated pellet dispenser which is ideal for those who no longer like to carry heavy logs into the house, dropping bark on the way in, and having to stock up on firewood for the winter. Still others love the effortless gas stoves and inserts that run by a simple timer, temperature, or the flip of a switch.

No matter what option you choose, you want to be ready for those cold Northwest winter days! We take care of all the setup an installation for you to make that happen. So all you have to do is take a look at our options here online or at any of our four showrooms. View our locations for easy directions.

Check out our photo gallery and see what we can do for you to bring warmth to your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Winter is coming!

Give us a call at (253) 682-1792 to get you set up just in time.