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Why You’ll Love Having an Indoor Fireplace


Why You’ll Love Having an Indoor Fireplace

It's pretty much unanimous. Anyone who walks into a room where a fireplace is burning instantly feels welcome, cozy, and relaxed. There is just something special about the emanating heat, subtle glow, and dance of the flames that everyone inevitably enjoys.

Fire and flames are so beloved that they grace many a poet's words and songwriter's verse.

"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."  - Rumi
"To love is to burn, to be on fire.”  - Jane Austen
"I could spend eternity inside your loving flame.”  - Paul McCartney
"Come on baby, light my fire.”  - The Doors

It's been suggested that fire control by humans dates back 1 million years. And, while we no longer require fire to keep us warm and to cook our food, to this day, we still often do so by choice because it's literally in our human nature to do so!

Luckily, as the control of fire continues, we can have the luxury and convenience of turning on a hot blaze with the flip of a switch. Find out why you'd want to do just that with your own new indoor fireplace.

Revel in the Comfort and Warmth

There's no substitute for walking in out of the cold to a welcoming lit fire, ready to help you defrost. If you're already inside and don't want to leave, curling up next to a fire will wrap you in warmth. Not to mention, it also provides the perfect backdrop to family game night or a romantic evening in.

In fact, recent research points out that "at higher temperatures, women perform better on math and verbal tasks.” It's also been found that "experiences of physical warmth would increase feelings of interpersonal warmth.”

No matter your agenda, everyone desires a warm, welcoming, comfortable home and an indoor fireplace is a wonderfully satisfying way to get it.

Enjoy a Beautiful Focal Point

Not only does a fireplace bring physical warmth into a room, but aesthetic warmth as well. It's the perfect way to punch up the style, whether traditional with a hearth and mantel or sleek and modern with a hanging model.

As a bonus, US News reports that one survey of "more than 100 real estate agents across the U.S. found more than 68 percent believe having a fireplace in a home increases its value. The vast majority of real estate agents—more than 83 percent—see fireplaces adding between $1,000 and $4,999 to the home's value.”

Your Indoor Fireplace Store in Washington

If you're looking for a fireplace store in Washington, we've got you covered with the industry's highest quality products from the most respected brands:

  • Quadra-Fire
  • Harman
  • Heat & Glo
  • Heatilator EcoChoice
  • Vermont Castings
  • Napoleon
  • Kozy Heat Fireplaces
  • Enviro
  • Blaze King

Visit your local Aqua Rec's to view in person the wide selection of indoor fireplaces you can purchase to achieve warmth and comfort in your home year-round, or contact us today to hear from one of our dedicated indoor fireplace experts!