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10 Great Pool Exercises to Improve Your Health


Pools are great for relaxing and playing, but spending time in the pool can also help you maintain your health. Check out these 10 great pool exercises that can help you reach your health goals. 


Instead of swimming in the pool, try walking or jogging next time you’re in the water. Running or walking is a straightforward and easy exercise to do in the pool, but don’t let it fool you. It is harder than running on land because the water provides resistance, though it’s much better for your joints and muscles as you aren’t continually impacting the ground, which causes stress and damage to your joints. 

If you want to mix up this type of workout, try walking sideways in the water. This will work out a different set of muscles in your legs and still give you a quality workout.

Where you are in your pool will change the resistance you are up against. Walking in waist-deep water provides less resistance, and chest-deep water will provide the most resistance. 

For the best results, try not to change from how you normally walk. You might find it easier to cheat and turn your hips or chest a bit to make it a bit easier to move through the water, but you’ll take away from the exercise you could be getting. 

Jumping Jacks

Just like running in water works muscles more in the water than outside of it, jumping jacks in your pool will work the muscles in both your upper and lower body. 

Jumping jacks are a bit different than running in water. Where running in water becomes easier in shallow water, jumping jacks are easier in deeper water. In chest-deep water, you can use some of your natural buoyancy to allow you to take longer for your jumping jack, which will not put as much stress on your joints and muscles. 

If you want a harder workout, go to shallower water and try to perform the same amount of jumping jacks you were doing in deeper water. 


A tub is a synchronized swimming move. When done right, tubbing is also a great swimming pool exercise for your abs, core, and arms.

To do a tub, start by floating on your back. Bring your ankles and legs together while keeping them on the surface. At this point, you might have a hard time floating on the surface, so you will have to gently scull your hands in the water to keep your head above the water. 

Slowly bring your knees to your chest, keeping your shins on the surface of the water. Hold this position to the count of three, and then slowly extend your body back to floating on your back. 

For the best results, focus on keeping your body level on the surface of the water throughout the entire movement. 

Flutter Kicks

Grab a kickboard or pool noodle to keep your head above water as you flutter kick back and forth across the pool for one of the best pool exercises. A freestyle kick, or flutter kick, will strengthen your legs and core while also giving you a really great workout. Because you have to work your legs up and down, you work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shins, and feet while also stretching and strengthening your abs and core as you try to stabilize your position in the water. 

If you want some variation as you do this exercise, try kicking on your side while resting your head on an outstretched arm or kicking on your back. 


One of the best pool exercises for weight loss is swimming. This is more than just jumping in the pool and splashing around—it’s about consistently swimming. It has been estimated that a person can burn about 400 calories when swimming at a moderate pace for one hour. 

The best part about swimming is that it simultaneously focuses on flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness while providing a low-impact workout. If you’re not much of a swimmer, start slow. Any movement is better than no movement. 

You don’t need a large pool to get your laps in. Swim spas can help you get the full-body exercise swimming can give you, but without having to invest in a large lap pool.    

Pool Edge Push-Ups

To work your shoulders, back, and arms, try out a pool edge push-up. In waist- to chest-deep water, grab the edge of the pool and lift your core up and out of the water. Once your arms are fully extended, slowly dip back into the water.

Side Kicks

Sidekicks give you the ability to strengthen your core while keeping you balanced while also working your legs. Unlike the flutter kick drills that use a pool noodle or kickboard, you can hold on to the side of the pool. 

To get the most out of this exercise, focus on using your entire leg as part of your kick, not just your foot and ankle. By moving and kicking with your whole leg, you’ll work and strengthen more muscle groups. 

Head First Sculls

Sculling isn’t just for treading water; it can also be used to help you move and give you a good arm workout while in the pool. 

Start by floating on the surface of the water. Keep your arms close to your body and start to scull. The easiest way to perform this scull correctly is to pretend you’re waving goodbye to your feet. As you do this, your body will start to move backward, propelling you headfirst towards the edge of the pool. 

Tread Water

If you don’t like swimming laps but still want a full-body workout in your pool, treading water can be the right exercise for you. At its most basic, treading water is done with an egg-beater kick and slow sculling, but depending on what exercise you are looking for, you can change your kick to a breaststroke, flutter, or even a dolphin kick. 

Dolphin Kicks

While it takes a bit of practice to get the rhythm right, dolphin kicks are a full-body workout perfect for any person trying to get healthy and fit in the pool. It can be tricky for some people to learn the dolphin kick because it requires you to use your entire body, not just your legs. However, it can be a great full-body workout that can push you through the water and improve your flexibility. 

What Happens in the Kitchen Matters Too

Exercising in water can help improve flexibility and strength with little impact on your joints, making it an amazing way to work out. However, no matter how great your workout might be, don’t forget that what you do outside of the water also plays a big role in your health. 

It doesn’t matter how hard you work out if you are lazy in the kitchen. Instead of being mindless about your food, take a bit of time each week to consider your diet. By making small changes in your food choices and exercising in the pool, you can shed pounds and see lasting results.

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