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What Type of Pool Best Fits Your Home?


What Type of Pool Best Fits Your Home?

The way your pool is shaped and designed can drastically change the way your home looks to you and others. The best way to keep your home looking the way you want is to carefully select what type of pool best compliments it regarding shape and size. Simply, follow these helpful tips to better select your pool to fit your home better.

In-Ground or Above-Ground Pools

Selecting an inground pool sometimes has more to do with what your budget demands and what type of backyard you may have. Plus, it can even take up less space since it’s quite literally in the ground.

However, above-ground pools usually cost less, take less time to install, and can be easily relocated if required. Not to mention, it is easier to break it down during the winter to prevent any damage during the icy seasons to come.

Yard Styles

The more of a backyard you have, the more variety of pools you can choose from. However, it’s wise to keep in mind that you still need to have room for your fireplace, barbecue area, outdoor seating, etc.

Types of rectangular-shaped pools are perfect for those looking to do professional swimming and exercise. Whereas round pools are great for those looking to lounge around. Although, most people opt for a free-form pool that can shape to their backyard for a more natural look.

Sloped or Flat Yards

One of the more popular styles of pools is called the infinity pool, where water seems to flow right off the top and out of the pool. However, the ideal backyard to have this in should be sloped so the water can flow off.

For more flat-styled yards, your best bet is to go for a perimeter pool for a similar look. This type of pool is encased with walls of glass and when water flows over the edges, it gets put back into the pool, without wasting a single drop.

Will You Sink or Swim?

Another tactful thing to consider when buying a pool is deciding what you are going to use it for. For divers, you’ll want to go for an L-shaped pool so you can have both shallow areas for playing around and deeper areas for free diving.

Graded pools are also an ideal choice since the depth of the pool deepens gradually, instead of having a “drop off.”

A great pool known for lounging around is a sun-shelf pool that has a dedicated shallow area just for that type of activity. However, there is still a deep end for those still looking to go for a dive.

Shade Options

When deciding on where to place your pool in your yard, make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight. After all, you don’t want everyone getting burnt to a crisp. Spend a full day in your backyard and take note of where sunlight hits your yard the most during the day. Plan to place either where you get the most shade or get the best of both options, sun, and shade, for those looking to get a little tan.

No matter what kind of pool you end up getting, you’ll always love having the option to swim whenever you want. In fact, pools can even increase the value of your home and bring your family and friends closer together during hot summer days. So, when you are contacting a pool builder for your next big home project, keep this information in mind and contact Aqua Rec's, Washington's Best Spa Dealer and Pool Builder.